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Lack of Desire
( Erectile Dysfunction)
Not Able to Ejaculate
Delayed Ejaculation
Orgasmic Dysfunction
Sleep Emmission
(Night Emission)
Not able to perform Intercourse
after Marriage
(Non Consumation of Marriage)
Dhat Syndrome

Lack of Desire  

A low or lack of sex desire may be a primary condition (where the person has never had sexual desire or interest), or it may be secondary (where the person used to have sex desire earlier).

Low or lack of sexual desire may also be either situational to the partner (where he/she has interest in other persons, but not toward the partner), or it may be general (where he/she has a lack of sexual interest in anyone)

Lack of sex desire or low sex desire could be due to psycogenic or physical causes.
Psychogenic causes can be from anxiety, dislike of partner, disturbed inter-personal relationship, depression to schizophrenia etc.
At times,communication problems, lack of affection ,conflicts, lack of time , insomnia or inadequate sleep may also be a cause for low or lack of sex desire. It may also be associated with a very restrictive upbringing concerning sex, negative attitudes toward sex, or negative or traumatic sexual experiences such as rape, incest, or sexual abuse . Occassionally, the cause may be due to relationship problems wherein one partner does not feel intimate or close to their partner.
Physical causes could be because of various drugs, either allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, unani or deshi jadi-booti to hormonal disturbances, chronic diseases, Physical illnesses which causes fatigue, pain, or general feelings of malaise could also be one of the reason for low or lack of sex desire. Hormone deficiencies may occasionally be implicated. Psychological conditions such as depression and excessive stress may inhibit sexual interest.
It may also be associated with other sex problems, and sometimes may be caused by them. For example, the woman who is unable to have orgasm or has pain during intercourse, or the man who has erection problems (impotence) or retarded ejaculation, may lose interest in sex because it is commonly associated with failure or is not very pleasurable..







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